Friday, September 6, 2013

Newsletter Mrs. Robb’s First Grade September 6, 2013 Dear Parents, It has been a busy few days. In math we made a kite using our favorite primary or secondary color and graphed it, and we completed M&M Math where the students sorted their M&M’s by color, graphed them, counted them, and made a pattern out of them. Today, I read the book “Chrysanthemum” to the children. This book is about a little mouse that loves her name until she goes to school. Then she’s not quite sure her name is as terrific as she originally thought. As part of our math we made a graph of “How many letters are in our names?” I have also compiled a book with each child’s picture in it called “Our Hello Book!” This is to help the children learn each other’s names. Our first grade field trip to Cedar Breaks is on Thursday, September 19th. We will leave the school at 9:00 AM and return before 2:00 P.M. We will be going to the Cedar Breaks Visitors Center where a Park Ranger will talk to the children. We will also go to the Alpine Pond for a short hike. On our way back down the mountain we will stop and eat our lunches. Please send a coat and walking shoes with your child that day. Cedar Mountain can be cold this time of year. Please plan on having your child eat school lunch this day. I have attached a permission slip to this newsletter. Thanks so much! We will start the take-home library books and our sight words on Monday, September 16th. We will wait on our spelling homework until after our Alphabet review is completed. I would like to start the parent volunteers on Monday, September 23rd. Each child has a poetry notebook with poems we have been learning. I am just going to have them read three poems until we start Guided Reading Groups then they will be able to read out of their book baskets. I have attached a list of those parents who have volunteered. Thank you so much for your willingness to help. Sincerely, Mrs. Robb Calendar for the Next Two Weeks Monday, September 9th Back to School Bash (5:30 PM-8:00 PM) “Oo” Day - Mohsen Tuesday, September 10th “Pp” Day – Nelson Wednesday, September 11th “Qq” Day – Nicky P.E. (Please wear appropriate shoes) Thursday, September 12th “Rr” Day – Sophia Friday, September 13th “Ss” Day - Tyler Library (Please return Library Books) Monday, September 16th “Tt” Day – Victoria Tuesday, September 17th “Uu” Day – Vivian Wednesday, September 18th “Vv” Day Thursday, September 19th Field Trip to Cedar Mountain Friday, September 20th “Ww” Day Celebrate Meleah’s Birthday Library (Please return Library Books) Volunteers Start on Monday, September 23rd @ 8:40 AM Mondays: Julie Westwood Tuesdays: Jennifer Davis & Emily Simper Wednesdays: Carrie Smith Thursdays: Amanda Giles Fridays: April Orton (Change out books in Take-home Library)

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